Happy Thanksgiving

May you enjoy a plentiful feast of good food, family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Wendel Family Dental.

We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

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  3. john bush says:

    i recently had five fillings done on the right side of my mouth bottom around the gum line and one on the front right bottom was a deep one,that one hurts when i breath in and drink when i chew on the right side it hurts on the top of the tooth it has been five days since this has been done,called dentist said to take some tylonyl does not help had some narco left over from something else helps some but not totaly .a week before i had this done they were not hurting just needed to fix cavities they cleaned teeth now on left side have a lump on jaw line by molar tongue is sore and a bad taste in my mouth HELP what should i do?

    • Harold says:

      I would call you dentist back and make an appointment for the tooth that was filled. It may need a bite adjustment or a root canal. You also need to have the doctor check the lump. They should take an x-ray of both areas. The lump could be from an infected tooth. Do not wait too long to have the lump checked.

      Thanks WFDC Team

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