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Crowns or “caps” are restorations that cover and restore a tooth’s form, function and esthetic appeal. Most dentistry looks like dentistry. Our goal is to provide dentistry that is undetectable. We replace existing crowns and fillings with restorations that look and feel like your natural teeth. For teeth that are malformed, fractured, cracked, weakened by root canal therapy or contain large fillings that have been lost or broken, crowns are a viable long-term solution. Many people have unexplained pain from filled back teeth, which can be due to hairline cracks of the tooth. Placing crowns on these teeth may relieve the symptoms.

Placement of crowns can correct bite problems created by worn-out fillings or severe abrasion secondary to tooth grinding. We are known for the high quality of our work and have had some amazing results. It is not unusual for these treatments to last more than 10 years.  Smoking, tooth grinding and poor oral hygiene will significantly reduce longevity.

In general, fitting a crown requires at least two visits to our office. Initially, we will remove decay, shape the tooth, and fit it with a temporary crown.  On the subsequent visit, two weeks later, we will remove the temporary crown, and then fit and adjust the final crown.  Finally, we will cement the crown into place and you will have a new beautiful looking tooth.

Key Benefits

  • Offers support for misshapen teeth or badly broken teeth.
  • Looks completely natural.
  • Fixes “smile” and functional chewing problems.
  • Used to replace removed tooth structure after a root canal and to prevent breakage after a root canal.