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Implants Before & After Surgery

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Dental implants are an alternative to dentures and bridges for the replacement of missing teeth. Implants can be recommended for patients missing one or all of their natural teeth.

Implants are certainly not a “quick-fix”, but the process is well worth the time commitment. The implant process can take anywhere from three to nine months to complete. The majority of implant recipients can enjoy their implants for many years or for a lifetime. A patient with good oral hygiene and health is more likely to reap lifetime benefits from their implants. The rate and determination of success depend heavily on a patient’s physical and oral health.

The implant process requires two surgical procedures and several follow up appointments. The first procedure is to place the implant and the second is to place an abutment, which will eventually be holding the prosthesis in place. Patients often prefer to have the surgery performed under intravenous sedation and local anesthesia.

The initial procedure time is dependent on how many implants a patient receives. The abutment procedure usually lasts no more than one hour. After the initial surgery, several follow up appointments will need to be made to monitor how well the jaw is healing. For the first few days following the surgery, it is recommended that a patient not wear their complete or partial denture.

After the entire procedure is complete a patient should make a habit of coming in once or twice a year to have the dentist check and clean the implants. With proper care and treatment, dental implants can have a long-term success rate of up to ninety-eight percent.

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