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Reviews From Some Of Our Amazing Patients!


(seen 12.7.2020)

You were great! I am sorry I don’t remember their names, but the receptionist and scheduler were very helpful in getting me into see the Doctor. The staff is very accommodating. I had made the appointment, then cancelled it by leaving a message, then I attempted to reschedule it by voice mail. Even with all my wonkiness the staff is very accommodating. Thank you so much.


Seen 8/10/2020

Kayla the assistant was so kind and thought full – made me relax and smile. She’s a keeper.

Linda Cline

Let me start by saying how afraid I am of just walking into a dentist office! I am terrified to the max! But the kindness and sincere compassion of EVERYONE..from the minute you walk in…from the reception, to the X-ray person, dental hygienist and the dentist, all are wanting your experience there to be calm and relaxed. This was my first time in a very long time to go to the dentist. I chose Phat Ly, D.M.D. to be my dentist. He was so kind and made sure that I was comfortable and explained everything. The staff is also very kind and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone!! All I can add is that their customer service is is through the roof!!

Linda Cline

If you are looking for for a VIP treatment, this is the place to come! Everyone is so kind and caring! Dr. Ly is the best dentist I have ever been to! If you are looking for a painless experience, you have to come here and see Dr. Ly!!

Travis M (10/2/20

Nancy did another Great job cleaning my teeth. Thank you.

Seen by Nancy RDH

Laura N. (Seen 8/3/2020)

Dr Ly is amazingly patient with my anxiety. When I first came to Wendel I had to be fully sedated for any work except cleanings. Through Dr Ly’s guidance I was able to get a filling with only Nitrous, That’s a huge accomplishment.

Steve H. (8/5/2020)

Good Overall atmosphere. Jenn the hygienist very friendly, welcoming and cheerfully.


(Seen 8/5/20)

Tammy G

I have tremendous dental fear & Paulette was amazing for my deep cleaning experience. I am so appreciative for her humor & professionalism.



Donna A.

Seen 10/26/2019


As someone who does not like coming to the dentist, I feel like I will be able to keep coming here. Jenna was amazing. She made an experience that causes me a log of anxiety, actually pleasant. She is wonderful.

Kathy T (10/7/19

I am really happy to be connected with this office again. I feel like I have come home.


Seen by Dr Ly

Paul M (10/14/19)

Very, Very Pleasant & personable staff. Very prompt! Great Experience.

Seen by Dr Woyciehowsky and Shelley RDH

Matthew D. (10/9/19)

Dr Woyciesky was very kind, very well spoken, very straight forward and clearly, really good at what he does. It was a pleasure as someone with dental anxiety.

Tina S. (8/6/18)

Everyone was very friendly, professional and respectful. Great team and that’s no accident. Peral is Terrific! Dr. Woyciehowsky has a very professional yet unpretentious manner, very much appreciated.

Cherith R


I am so happy with Wendel Dental. All of the staff are so friendly and Dr Ly is excellent.

Our Patient Reviews

Annette S. 3/20/18

I’m very happy with the care I received. All the staff is very friendly

(Seen by Dr Woyciehowsky)

Mary Jo C. (1/20/18)

Nicole was amazing, the best assistant I ever had! She was nice, confident, informative and gentle.

(Seen by Dr Ly and Nichole)

Mari F (1/17/2018)

Even though my mouth was troublesome for you, you made the time, had the patients and concern to make everything fixed so I could have a wonderful vacation. Thank you.

(Seen by Dr. Woyciehowsky)

Jack B. (12/15/17)

Very impressed with Dr. Ly and Leticia, very lucky to have them. I have been coming here since the mid 90’s and always pleased.

Anita B. (9/6/17)

My daughter recommended your office when I changed insurance. It was a great referral. I loved Jan who cleaned my teeth.

Seen by Dr. Ly and Jan RHD

Debbie F. (8/17/17)

Love Jan – She is extremely gentle and does a Fabulous job.

(Jan RHD)

Kevin P. (7/10/17)

Very nice staff, everyone very helpful.

(Seen By Jenna RHD)

Elizabeth (5/20/17)

My husband was having a problem getting insurance to pay. I was blessed by the care and work on the issue. Because of my interaction with Sabine and the staff at Hiddenbrook I joined Wendel Dental as a patient and so glad I did.

(Seen by Dr. Sparrow)

Nancy H. (4/20/17)

This was the most relaxing, non-stressful dental office we have visited.

(Seen by Dr Ly and Sheller RHD)

Sue S. (3/28/17)

Today I had one of the best experiences with a Dentist. Number one, I didn’t even know he had given me the shot that I needed to numb me for my crown. I was stunned! Then he went on and did his magic with my tooth. No pain, great feel, and it looks wonderful! THEN…Dr. Rick filled a gap between two of my front teeth with a bonding technique that left me so happy. I am a happy camper. My broken tooth is fix good as new, and my smile looks like it did so many years ago. This guy rocks. I’m a Dr. Rick Ganji fan. If you’re looking for a fabulous Dentist this is the guy for you. Seriously.

Kathleen F (2/18/17)

I recently went to the Vancouver location for my first visit for x-rays, cleaning, and a filling, all in one day. For such a busy office, all of my appointments were right on time and the staff were friendly and helpful. I had some insurance issues from the start and it was handled efficiently and generously. My technician spent time explaining correct brushing and flossing practices and was very gentle with my exam. Dr. Ganji worked on my filling and I couldn’t have asked for a more genuine, patient, and caring doctor. This was the first time I had gotten a needle without a topical and didn’t feel it! He was quick with the procedure but took extra time to go over information with me. He made me feel like I was the only patient in his office, although it was extremely busy. I loved my visit and look forward to going back. Thank you to everyone I met that day, it was a wonderful experience!

Seen by Debbie RHD and Dr Ganji

Mary A. (2/8/17)

Lupe made me very confortable and told me what she was going to do next. Very kind.

(Seen By Dr. Ganji and Lupe)

Mary A. (1/19/2017

For years I avoided going to the dentist. But finally had to. Made my appointment with Dr Gamji at Wendel Dental. I have been to several dentists in my lifetime and was afraid of the dentist. But not anymore. I have had nothing but the most professional and caring treatment. Dr Gamji carefully described every treatment and made me feel part of the process. I had a challenging problem and he did an amazing job. I will never avoid going to my dentist again. Thank you. Mary

Seen by Dr Ganji and Jan RHD.

Debra (12/15/16)

My visit to Wended Dental was for a cleaning and a new crown. Dr.Ganji,DDS is a great dentist. He is efficient and very gentle. I did not have any pain or after discomfort. His hygienist is Shelly and she did a great job. The dentist office is not my special place, but this was a great expexperience. Hubby is up next and he white knuckles the dental chair, I guarantee we will be back. 5 stars!

Jenni (6/1/16)

I have been a Wednel paient since I was a little girl. From Hiddenbrook to Dr. Kris in Salmon Creek, I’ve never had a negative experience or felt like I was “just a number”. I’ll never step foot elsewhere. Dr. Kris is so friendly and non-judgemental. All her assistants work quickly and gently to get me out in no time at all!

Heather (12/13/2016)

I have been a patient at Wendel for over a decade. My hygienist Jan is wonderful, gentle, and friendly; My dentist Dr. Ganji is excellent. His anesthetic injections are painless, in fact one time I didn’t even realize I was receiving anesthetic until over half way through the injection. His treatment is solid and I appreciate his approachable manner, the extra time he spends with me explaining my treatment options, and his personal value of continuing education. I’m extremely picky about health care providers and this team, including the office staff, is wonderful. They work hard to provide me with quality care and I am confident in their ability. They are particularly good at working with anxious patients like me. I love that they’ve been a family business for over 40 years. I highly recommend this practice.

Michaelene T. (11/3/16)

Great service and care. Bonne and Jan, truly a great team.

(Seen by Dr. Ly, Jan RHD)

Darcey P (11/3/16)

Love Dr. Ly and Jan RHD. Jan is amazing. Wonderful staff and Bonnie is so sweet,

JUDY U (10/13/2016)

Thank you Dr.Ganji for being so detailed oriented. I appreciate you taking the time to carefully get my front teeth looking so natural and healthy.
Thank you!
Sincerely Judy U.

Ruth B. (9/22/16)

I have been coming to Dr. Wendel and Shelley RHD for over 23 years. Been absolutely the best service. I love them.

Barbara C (9/6/16)

I am very pleased with my dentist and staff. Very confident.

Seen by Shelley RHD

Karen B (9/12/2016)

Hands down the best dental staff I have ever encountered. Had so many bad experiences with dentists in the past that going to get some work done always freaked me out. The staff here is so great and friendly! Dr. Ly has really made my dental experience so much better! So happy I found this place!

Portia P (8/17/16)

We always look forward to seeing Dr. Ganji. He is always kind and caring, and fun. It seems like all of the staff are pleasant and happy to be there.

Rose (Seen 7/25/16)

The tech who x-rayed my tooth made my visit especially pleasant.

Seen by Dr Ly and Kaeley

Gwen (Seen 7/28/16)

Dr. Ly and his staff are amazing. I have always had a phobia about having any dental work done. I am very pleased with my new bridge and crown. The compassion he and his staff displayed during my appointment is so very much appreciated!

Seen by Dr. Ly

Sapphire S. (Seen 7/21/16)

Jan was above and beyond nice, comforting and the sweetest. I will now swear by her.

Seen by Dr. Ganji and Jan RHD

Ronda C. (Seen 7/16/16)

Jan and Leticia were both above and beyond amazing.

Freda G (Seen 7/14/2016)

Jan and Dr. Ly keep up the good work.

Aide V. (Seen 7/7/16)

Love the Service. Everyone is super friendly and professional.

Seen by Dr. Ganji, Jenna RHD

Chris B.(6/16/16)

You are all so wonderful. Thank you! Thank you!

Seen by Dr. Sparrow

Crystal A (6/12/16)

Wendel Dental is hands down the best dentist office I’ve ever been to from the support staff to the dentists. Their abundance of tenure there really shows as they all know exactly what they’re doing. I appreciate them all.

Seen By Dr. Ganji and Jan RHD

Kimberly A. (4/27/16)

Have Jan do all your cleanings she is fab!

Seen by Dr. Ly and Jan RHD

William K. (4/25/16)

Everyone was so helpful and gave great information on teeth care.

Seen by Dr. Sparrow and Kristi RHD

David B. (2/18/16)

New to the area. Polite professional service. I will be back.

Seen by Dr. Ly and Shelley RHD

Sandra S. (3/26/16)

I have been a patient for many years, I have special needs because of head surgeries, I needed a specialist that could work on my teeth without me opening my mouth very big and because my jaw fatigues.
I need a hygienist that was fast! Jan was fabulous! She listens to my needs and pounced on the task. Thank you Jan.

Richard B. (3/16/16)

Friendly, cheerful, caring staff and support team.

(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Jenna RHD)

Karen T. (2/6/16)

Excellent care and service. Dr. Ly was very good and pleasant.

(Seen by Dr. Ly and Jan RHD)

Mary T. (1/14/2016)

Dr. Ly and the entire staff have been effective, efficient, exceptionally kind and considerate meeting my needs.

(Seen by Dr.Ly and Shelley RHD)

Sandra P. (12/4/15)

Staff is always pleasant and complimentary, Jan is wonderful at her job and has never hurt me. Respectful of my time.

(Seen by Dr. Ly and Jan RHD)

Eileen G. (11/9/15)

Shelley is great. I have been a patient for years as a result of great staff.

(Seen By Dr. Ly and Shelley RHD)

Pamela L. (4/9/15)

Jan was pleasant and did a through job. I would come to her again.

(Seen by Dr. Ly and Jan RHD)

Eileen G. (11/9/15)

Shelley is great. I have been a patient for years as a result of great staff.

(Seen By Dr. Ly and Shelley RDH)

Darlene F. (11/4/15)

I have gone to 5 dentist in the past 7 years looking for best office for me. I totally found it. Everyone is so nice.

(Seen by Dr. Ganji, Angie)

AL A. (9/23/15)

This is what I have been looking for when it comes to dental care everything about Wendel Dental Centre in Salmon Creek is outstanding. The office staff as soon as I walked in I felt at home and knew I was being taken care of by a group of people who cared about me.Then then the dental hygienist Nancy explained for the first time in my life what she was doing .You know when they call out the numbers about your teeth I have an understanding what it means. Then came in DR.Kristine Pham she was the best of the best no Dentist has ever displayed such knowledge I am no young person so I have seen many Dentist .I had a Job that moved me around the country and the world. I can tell you I will have no one else do my Dental Care .I was made to feel that I was a priority its nice to find this type of care today.

Constance S. (8/19/15)

My past history has been a nightmare on many of occasions but finally found a dentist that has made all the bad ones a memory.

I’ve had serious problems with my teeth and Dr. Mike Sparrow has been excellent in his work on me, not only a great Dentist but has a reassuring manner about him that leaves you feeling totally confident in his abilities.

I can only say that there should be more dentist of his caliber and professionalism.

Going to the dentist now is not a nightmare now, but a relief knowing you are in good hands.

Lynn M. (8/7/2015)

All the staff is the best!

(Seen by Dr. Ganji, Hygienists Jenna and Assistant Jolie)

Steph M. 7-2-15

For someone who has had unpleasant visits at other dental places, my experience here has been amazing. Everyone was extremely friendly and very informative

(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Shelley)

Sanjay (7/23/15)

“I was blown away by my experience at Wendel! I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 7 years and my experience was as if I was at a Marriott, not a dental office. Everyone from the start to the end of my visit was friendly, personable and made me feel at home, like family on my 1st visit. Bonnie was one of the warmest receptionist I’ve ever met! Jolie was professional and made me comfortable asking questions. The two receptionist and business ladies helped me with open arms even though I was the last patient, I didn’t feel that were rushing me out. Great culture in the building, everyone seems to enjoy working here which makes me want to come back and tell all of my family and friends! You guys rock. I look forward to my future visits. Michelle was so patient and thoughtful with x-rays. Shelley my hygienist explained all the procedures really well and answered all my questions. She felt like I’ve known her for years , so easy to talk to. Dr. Ganji really wanted to fix the problem and get rid of the sensitivity. He was courteous and asked how I felt, didn’t just go through the motions. You just don’t find personal service like this anymore.”

Donna H. 7/6/15

The staff makes you comfortable and at ease, from the front desk, through the scheduling staff.
Everyone takes their time with you, very professional.

(Seen by Dr. Ly and Jenna R.D.H.)

Ryan Y. (6/19/15)

Tami, Vicki, Cheryl and Dr. Sparrow – The best staff ever!! A big thankyou.

Mary H. (5/29/15)

All of the staff is great.

(Seen by Doctor Sparrow and Assistant Lisa)

Andrew A. (4/30/15)

Thank you for taking such good care of my apprehensive (at the dentist) husband. He never has good things to say about the dentist, but he said both Dr Ly and Jenna we really good and were able to calm him down. Thank you for that. That speaks volume about your ability to handle difficult patients. We couldn’t be more happy with our experience here.

Crystal A (4/13/15)

Dr Savage, Irina, Shelley, Stephni and Bonnie all did a great job. This is the best dentist office experience I’ve ever had. Keep up the awesome work!

Tammy P. (4/27/15)

Alexis, Katrina, Dr. Sparrow and receptionist were great. I have had a lot of anxiety about dental work, after this visit it was significantly lowered.

Michael S. (4/15/15)

I want to take a minute and show my gratitude for Dr. Sparrow. I have been his patient for the last year. He is by far the best dentist I have ever have! He is:
Informative- he takes the time to thoroughly explain the procedures which allow me to be an informed patient.
Chair side manner-always positive, explains what he is going to do next and is very personable.
Treatment- he is very skilled, well paced and always get fantastic results.

It is my pleasure to be cared for by him.

Jennifer E. (3/20/15)

Bonni is always helpful; always has a smile on her face. Bonni always make my appointments brighter just by her personality. Bonni is amazing!!

J.L. (3/12/15)

Thank you for being open on Saturdays. It’s a lifesaver!

(Seen by Barbara R.D.H.)

Jim G. (3/12/15)

Great visit, awesome staff; love Dr. Kris!

Genie K. (3/4/15)

Keep the staff as they are very welcoming. All the staff at Salmon Creek are wonderful, never did like my old dentist, when changed to Wendel. I recommend all my friends here.

(Seen by Nancy R.D.H.)

Leslie A. (3/3/2015)

Thank you so much Dr. Savage! You made me feel so much better with your expert tooth extraction under a difficult situation. Your follow up call to see how I was doing meant so much. Along with another call from your assistant. The whole experience from the greeting to leaving was much appreciated. Great office!

Tara (2/10/15)

I am so impressed with the restoration that has been done to all my teeth. They needed a lot of work and Dr Ganji has done amazing work!! I’ve been to other local dentists and I can say with 100% assurance that I found a solid dentistry for me and my family!

Cheri K. (2/4/15)

I cannot think of one thing the staff could do at the Vancouver location to make this experience better!

(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Barb, RDH)

Jennifer E. (1/29/14)

The staff is amazing. Everyone is so helpful; so sweet. You can tell everyone here loves what they do. Very comforting to see the staff; they’re amazing…

(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Assistant, Jolie)

Susan (1/16/15)

Everyone was very kind and patient with me. I wasn’t doing well – nerves/etc. but they made me feel at home. Bonnie knew I was struggling, but she very sweetly talked me in to staying – very supportive. Jenna – Hygienist is awesome; very sweet and kind, she makes you feel much better when you’re anxious/upset.


Darlene P. (1/7/15)

Debbie in Scheduling was so accommodating. Everyone here is friendly and kind.
(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Assistant, Kristi)

Bruce A. (12/18/14)

Everything was great! Everyone was very kind and helpful.
(Seen by Dr. Ly and Assistant, Anna)

Dave C. (12/5/14)

It is always a good visit here, and pleased with the work done.
(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Assistant, Jolie)

Heather S. (11/14/14)

Everyone was very sweet. Both of my visits were wonderful. Referring my husband.
(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Jan, RDH)

Lynn M. (11/14/14)

Barb is the best! She is a kind and caring dental hygienist. She has excellent patient care qualifications and outstanding characteristics which make her a valued employee to Wendel Dental and a dental hygienist for everyone needing dental care with patient valued care. Thank you Barb!

Peter (11/5/14)

I love coming here.
(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Jan, RDH)

Hilda (11/5/14)

Love Bonnie! Friendly, pleasant and very helpful; great receptionist.

Jon B. (10/7/14)

Awesome; love it here.
(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Assistant Jolie)

Sean P.

I hadn’t been to the dentist in eight years (didn’t much care for the dentist office). I saw Dr. Sparrow 5-6 times over the next 3 months. Great work by a great staff. Thanks for fixing me up ? Will be back for regular cleanings. I would highly recommend Dr. Sparrow/Wendel Dental.

Paula D. (9/9/14)

I came in with a problem and left with a solution. The most friendly and caring staff and doctor. A+! The most pleasant dental experience I have had!
(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Shelley)

Val and Mark (8/29/14)

Bonnie was very seet and helpful. Janet was great and painless! We very much loved Dr. Ganji.

Leanne U. (8/26/14)

Dear Dr. Ly,
Thank you very much for taking precious lunchtime to help me with the adjustment of my removable partial denture. You are a magician. The adjustment is comfortable and now I have regained my million dollar smile. Because of your patience, focus and dexterity it is a perfect fit. Now I wear it daily and I am now not embarassed to speak to people or to give them a healthy smile.

Judy K. (8/14/14)

Dear Dr. Ly,
You are a wonderful doctor. Thanks so much for the loving care I got yesterday. Also – thanks to Anna too. You are a great team. I had NO pain and NO problems. You are the best!


Devin C. (8/2/14)

All Vancouver staff are like family, great to see them all.

(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Assistant Jolie)

Kim S. (7/17/2014)

All good so far. No pain, full explanation and education.

(Seen by Dr. Ganji and Assistant Kristi)

Pamela W (7/24/14)

Shelley did excellent! Always look forward to my six month check-up.

(Seen by Shelley and Dr. Ly)

Ashly N (5/7/2014)

The doctor was very informative explaining my options for wisdom teeth. Kristi (dental assistant) Amazing. Always great service

(Seen by Dr. Judy Fu)

Kayla M. (5/9/14)

Comfortable environment; the staff was very friendly and treated you like a friend that you have known for a while.
(Seen by Assistant Kristi and Dr. James)

Patricia M. (5/9/14)

Everyone is awesome; my favorite dental office I’ve ever been too :).
(Seen by Assistant Kristi and Dr. James)

Dakota G. (4/24/2014)

Professional, friendly and nice and very quick. Truly a great experience and a perfect staff.

(Seen by Assistant Kristi and Dr. James)

Shelley P. (4/17/2014)

I would like to recommend Dr. Fu. She is new to the practice and I only met her recently when she did a root canal for me. She was very calm and explained clearly what was going to happen. She was always very cheerful and a very precise and careful worker. I thoroughly recommend her and her assistant Catriona. Both ladies did an excellent job.

Karen D (4/11/2014)

I love Wendel Dental. The longevity of the staff is evident from the person who sets the appointment, check in desk, to the dental chair everyone is so sweet. Dr. Ganji is my favorite dentist. He puts me at ease by his gentle chair side manner. He is very skilled and it is evident by his precision and efficiency.

Karen H. (4/10/14)

Staff always courteous, friendly. They always make me feel comfortable.

(Seen by Dr. Ganji)

Bridetta M (4/7/2014)

I appreciate Dr. James, his honesty and integrity in dealing with my tooth pain. Thank you.

Kim T. (4/1/2014)

Bonnie was especially pleasant.

(Seen By Dr.Ganji)

Lana S. (4/2/2014)

Lyudi, Bonnie, Dr. James, Stacie are great. Dr. James shared everything with me before and during my treatment.

Andrew M. (3/25/2014)

Shelly was awesome. I normally don’t deal well with hygienists but Shelley made it very relaxing. This is the first time in my life I actually feel comfortable going to the dentist.

(Seen by Shelley and Dr. Ly)

Jack B. (3/22/14)

Always great from the front to the back! I’ve been coming here since the early “90s” and travel to Vancouver from Kalama just to come here.

(Seen by Dr. Ganji)

Nicholas B. (3/24/14)

Thanks; great service (Michelle C. Dental Assistant)!
(Seen by Dr. Ly)

Olga H. (3/20/14)

Love it, everyone.

(Seen Dr. Fu)

Elana B. (3/12/2014)

Doctor Ly and Michelle are super good. I love going to the dentist – Makes your mouth feel great.

Deborah O. (3/22/14)

Always very pleased with the care/treatment I receive!…Staff efficient and friendly; always fit appointment to my busy schedule…This is the very best dental practice I have ever used.
(Seen by Jan, Hygienist)

Ann S. (3/21/2014)

Thank you to everyone at Wendel Dental.

(Seen by Dr. James)

Ken D. (3/20/2014)

Good Job by all.

(Seen Dr. James)

Connie G (3/19/2014)

Great Service and Staff.

(Seen by Dr. Ganji)

Wesley P. (3/19/2014)

Great courteous, efficient and friendly staff.

(Seen by Dr Ganji)


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