Immediate Dentures Before and After Surgery

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Your denture will be ready to wear the same day that your teeth are removed.

Your denture must stay in for one full day to act as a “bandage” after extractions. After the first 24 hours, take it out every night.

You must return within the next few days for the dentist to see how you are doing.

The denture will act as a “bandage” while your tissues heal, and will also allow you to smile, talk and eat.

During the first week or so, your gums will be sore, and you should eat mostly soft foods or liquids. Your denture may feel loose. If your denture is too loose, return for a soft reline appointment. If you have a sore spot that is bothering you, return for an adjustment appointment (usually the same day will be available when you call).

Chewing and speaking will feel different than with natural teeth, and you will make progress with this as you heal.

You must return in about 4-6 months for a permanent denture reline.

Use only Polident brand denture cleanser while you have the soft reline material in your dentures.

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