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Are you afraid of seeing a dentist? This is quite common and very normal. Past experiences, pain, and fear of the unknown can all feed a fear of receiving dental care. You are not alone and we provide options to our patients to help alleviate this anxiety.

“The needle, if only I could avoid the anesthetic injection!”

I can personally identify with anyone afraid of dental anesthetic injections. Did you know that many dentists and hygienists utilize various techniques to lower the pain and discomfort of an injection? The last time one of our dentists gave me an injection of anesthetic I wasn’t even aware that I was receiving the injection; it was painless. I shared my fear with my dentist ahead of time and he accommodated my fears by reducing my sight of the needle and utilizing a technique that would reduce my pain. He routinely communicated with me about my comfort level during treatment and the procedure was a success. Our providers care about the comfort of their patients; discuss your fear with them at your appointment.

“I’ve neglected my oral care and am just too embarrassed…”

Embarrassment may be keeping you from seeing a dentist. An assumption of being berated or talked down to because of undesirable dental health keeps patients away. These assumptions are not true. We do not talk down to patients about their oral health and needing care is not something to be embarrassed about. Chances are, even if your dental health is extremely poor, the dentist has seen a mouth just like yours before and would love to help restore you to good oral health. Neglecting a problem will only make it worse. Our dentists meet their patients with understanding, options, and action. Don’t be embarrassed, let us help you.

“I just can’t do it! Someone sedate me!”

Did you know that sedation is an option? Many assume sedation is only an option for surgical procedures, but sedation is available for any dental procedure including a routine cleaning. For some, sitting in the exam room is enough to provoke extreme anxiety. We provide various forms of sedation including nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and intravenous moderate sedation. Our dentists can discuss your options with you at your next dental visit.

Overall, dental fears are real and can be difficult to overcome. Don’t neglect your oral health over a fear. We will work with you diligently to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Heather, Administrative Support; Wendel Family Dental Centre